IPhone 14 launch Conference Preparations Begin At Apple

A new report revealed that the American company, Apple , began filming and recording a conference to reveal its awaited iPhone 14 phones , which reflects the company’s continued follow-up to the policy of avoiding live conferences to reveal its devices and has followed since the beginning of the Corona pandemic.

Bloomberg said that the company will unveil the iPhone 14 family of phones, as well as the new generation of its Apple Watch 8, which is likely to come with a new sensor to measure body temperature, but at the design level, it will not differ from the previous generation.

However, the Apple Watch family may receive a new version of its capabilities under the name “Apple Watch Pro”, which will come with a titanium body, a larger screen and a battery with a larger capacity than the traditional version.

Update Schedule

The report revealed that the company decided to postpone the launch date of the iPadOS 16 operating system, from September to October, thus violating its habit of providing all new versions of its phone operating systems at the same time, as iOS 16 arrives for phones in September, as well as new versions of Its hardware systems are watchOS 9, as well as tvOS 15.6.

The report indicated that Apple will follow a different schedule, starting from this year, to release its system updates, so that the operating systems versions of phones, smart watches and Apple TV devices will arrive in September, while it will delay the release of iPad and computer operating systems versions to October.

The attributed the reasons for this delay to the fact that Apple has recently begun to export the idea that iPad tablets provide performance at the level of Mac computers, in addition to providing some common features between iPads and Macs, such as the practical feature Stage Manager.

In addition, Apple recently used to hold a party in October to launch new versions of the iPad family, so the experience of new devices with the new software update will provide a distinct experience for users

In parallel, the iOS operating systems for iPhone 14 phones and watchOS for Apple Watch watches are related in some way, as some of the features of the Apple Watch operating system require updating their phones with the latest available version, in addition to the fact that operating the watch usually requires the presence of an iPhone, so it makes sense to release their latest versions in time same.

“Flaws And Criticisms”

Bloomberg pointed out that delaying the release date of the iPadOS update by a month from the new iOS update, will put users in a big problem in obtaining the various features that link iPhone 14  phones to iPads.

She gave an example of the ability to receive FaceTime video calls from iPhone to iPad, as well as take advantage of the benefits of iCloud Shared Photo Library, because their phone operating system will always be newer than their tablet system, which will cause an unpleasant experience for them to use.

And the problems will not stop at the user experience. Developers will also suffer, especially those who rely on them to launch a unified application that works on iOS and iPadOS, and then they will have two options, either to postpone the launch of updating their applications until the arrival of iPadOS, or to launch a new version of their applications directed to iOS, but It will crash on the iPad.

Despite everything, Bloomberg sees postponing the launch of iPadOS 16 this year as a sound decision from Apple, especially since the four beta versions of the system warn that it is still not ready to reach a final version for users, especially the Stage Manager feature.

The Stage Manager feature allows the user to place a group of applications on both sides of the screen, and choose one or more applications to appear directly in the middle of the screen. The user can turn it on or off from within the Control Centre.

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