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Full Form of DM

  • What is the full form of the DM?
  • An official title of the District Magistrate is District Magistrate.
  • The district is D
  • I am a magistrate
  • We will explain the meaning of DM below,
  • The full form of DM

The meaning of DM

  • DM: What Does It Mean?
  • What Does DM Mean?

DM is the full form of Direct Message. The term DM refers to a social media term that allows users of a social networking site to communicate privately.

A District Collector, also known as a District Magistrate (DM), is the head of the district administration of the bureaucracy in the state of India. Furthermore, he is responsible for maintaining law and order in his district. It comes from the Middle English word magistrate, which signifies a “civil officer responsible for administering the law”.

Below we will explain how the abbreviation DM works.

A short form of District Magistrate.

What does the abbreviation district magistrate mean?

DM is an abbreviation for District Magistrate.

  • Indicator = D
  • Magistrate = M 

What’s the most frequently asked question?

How are DM and SP abbreviated?

A system of administrative services in India. DM stands for District Magistrate. IPS is the Indian police service. Foreign service of the Indian government.

What is the difference between DM and Collector?

Depending on the district. The collector may also be referred to as a magistrate or deputy commissioner. In this manner, the district collector, the district magistrate, or the deputy commissioner are all one and the same. District collectors are members of the. Indian administrative service that are appointed by the state legislature.

What is the name of the DM of India?

The DM profile. The name of the person is Shri Abhishek Prakash (I.A.S.).

Who has the authority to suspend a DM?

No. If the district collector does not agree with the police commander (read SP/SSP) of the district. Then the constable cannot be suspended. The DM/DC may suspend any class 3 officer from any department within his district apart from police officials, which is why the post of SP is of great importance.

The duties of a DM are as follows:

The DM is directly responsible for maintaining law and order within the state and has the authority to impose any necessary action in accordance with the criminal procedure code. The judicial role and responsibility of the DM have been diluted severely due to the separation of power between the executive and judiciary.

What is the name of the first DM in India?

Dutt, Romesh Chandra

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  • What Is The Full Form Of DM?
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